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Eyelet HeadingWelcome to our Curtain Headings.

Here we will go through the different headings available and the besst use of them.

On the left is an eyelet heading, This Heading is suitable for hanging on a pole only.The length of the curtain is measured fron the top of the pole and an allowance made for the stand up above the pole.Please contact us for more information.




This heading  is called Pencil Pleat, due to it resembling pencils when gathered. This is suitable for hanging on either a pole or a track this is down to personal preference. If fitted to a pole the curtain will be hung from below the pole, but if fitted to a track then the curtain will be covering the track,, and measurements should be taken accordingly. Please contact us for more  information.





This is the pinch pleat or sometimes refered to as a triple pleat.

This heading is best hung on a pole, so when the curtains are in the open position the gap between the pleats will fall back so only the pleats are showing, buttons on each pleat is optional and is for decoration only.

To take measurement for this heading, measure from the bottom of the pole to your required finished length. please contact us for more information.